Visual Effects

Diana Marie Wells


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BFA, Multimedia, Illinois Institute of Art Chicago, Chicago Illinois, Graduated 2000
Cornish College of the Arts Foundation Course, Seattle Washington

Software / Languages
Linux/Unix shell and navigational commands, Python essentials. Shotgun.
Nuke, Shake, Fusion, Combustion, Silhouette, Icy, Adobe Suite, Experienced with Maya

Oscar, VFX The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey
Oscar, VFX The Hobbit, Desolation of Smaug
Oscar, VFX Spiderman 2
Oscar, VFX The Golden Compass
Oscar, VFX Star Wars, The Phantom Menace
Oscar, VFX Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Oscar, VFX Titanic
Saturn Award, Best Special Effects, Man of Steel
BAFTA, Best Special Visual Effects, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Gold Derby Award, VFX Sky Captain and the Word of Tomorrow


2023-Commercial, Framestore, vfx artist, Chicago Illinois

2022-Volunteer Forestry Service Artist
2019-Independent film project, Senior VFX Compositor, Los Angeles, CA
2018- Domina Mortem Tarot, Artist, Los Angeles, CA
2017-Series, Fear of the walking dead, Pixel Playground VFX, Los Angeles, CA Nuke
2016-Film, Live by night, Pixel Playground VFX, Los angeles, CA Nuke
2016-Series, Gotham, Person of Interest, Agents of Shield, CoSA VFX, Los Angeles CA, Nuke
2015-Series, Game of Thrones 5th season, Senior VFX Compositor, Atomic Fiction, Montreal, Nuke
2015-Film, Fast and Furious 7, Senior Compositing Painter, Digital Domain, Vancouver, Nuke
2014-Film, Xmen Days of Future Past, Senior VFX Compositor, MPC Montreal, Nuke
2013-Film, Horns, Senior VFX Compositor, New Breed FX, Montreal Canada, Nuke
2013-Film, The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug, Senior Compositing Painter, Weta Digital New Zealand, Nuke, Silhouette
2013-Film, Man of Steel, Senior Compositing Painter, Weta Digital, New Zealand, Nuke, Silhouette
2012-Film, The Hobbit, an Unexpected Journey, Senior Compositing Painter, Weta Digital New Zealand, Nuke, Silhouette
2012-Film, Madagascar III, Senior Stereoscopic Compositing Painter, Dreamworks, Redwood City, CA, Nuke
2012-Film, Bullet to the head, VFX Compositor, EFX, Burbank CA, Nuke
2011-Film, Titanic, Stereoscopic Compositing Painter, Deluxe FX, Burbank CA, Nuke
2011-Film, Green Lantern, VFX Compositor, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Los Angeles, CA, Nuke
2011-Film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Stereoscopic Depth Compositor, Illuminate Hollywood 3D, Hollywood CA, Nuke

2005-2011 – ZOIC, Culver City, CA, Nuke, Shake
2011 Television pilot Wonder Woman, Compositing Painter
2011 Film, Premium Rush, Compositing Painter
2010 Television series V, Compositing Painter
2005 Commercial series Hewlett Packard, Rotoscope and Compositing on Hewlett Packard campaign. Shake

2010- Film, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Stereoscopic Compositor. Prime Focus World, Los Angeles CA 
Nuke, Fusion, Photoshop
2010- Film, Star Wars, The Phantom Menace, Compositing Painter for stereoscopic integration. Prime Focus World, Los Angeles CA Nuke / Fusion / Photoshop
2010- Film, Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Prime Focus World, Los Angeles CA 
Compositing painter for stereoscopic integration. Nuke / Fusion / Photoshop
2010- Film, Salt, VFX Compositor, CIS, Vancouver British Columbia.  Monitor replacement and muzzle flash FX integration. Nuke
2010 – Disneyland France commercial campaign, VFX Compositor, Motion Theory, Los Angeles CA
Incorporated 2d character elements into live action environments. Nuke
2009 – Ipod Nano, LoganFx, Los Angeles CA. Compositing for Ipod Nano commercial campaign. Shake
2009 – Film, Gamers, Ignition Interactive, Los Angeles CA
Matte extraction and paint for web content on the film Gamers. After Effects
2009 – Film, Surrogates, Synthespians Studios, Los Angeles CA
Compositor for the film Surrogates. Nuke
2009 – Film, Terminator Salvation, Compositing Painter, The Asylum, Los Angeles CA Shake, Silhouette, Maya
2008 – Film, Underworld III, Compositor, The Rise of the Lycans, Intelligent Creatures, Toronto ON, Nuke
2008 – Film, Meet the Robinson’s, Evoke Interactive, Los Angeles CA 
Matte extraction for web content. After Effects
2008 – Film, The Box, Gradient FX, Los Angeles CA 
Compositor, matte painting, content creation for the film The Box. Combustion
2008 – Film, Hancock, PicFX, Los Angeles CA
Compositor, look and feel development for the film Hancock. Combustion
2008 – Film, Get Smart I & II, RhinoFX, Los Angeles CA
Compositing painter. Combustion
2008 – Toyota, Sway Studios, Los Angeles CA 
Matte development and paint for Toyota commercial campaign. Combustion

2004-2008 Rhythm & Hues Studios, Los Angeles CA, ICY
2008 Alvin and the Chipmunks, compositing for 3D integration
2007 Oscar Award The Golden Compass , Compositing Painter
2007 The Hulk, compositing painter
2007 Evan Almighty, compositing painter
2006 The Night at the Museum, compositing painter
2006 Fast and Furious 3, Tokyo Drift, rotoscope
2006 Charlotte’s Web, compositing painter
2006 Friday Night Lights, rotoscope
2005 The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe, compositing painter
2005 Ice Princess, compositing painter
2005 Elektra, compositing painter
2004 The Longest Yard, rotoscope

2007 Ring of Fire, Los Angeles CA, Combustion
2007 – UPS Commercial Campaign, Paint Artist, Rotoscope
2007 – Pilot development, Paint Artist, Matte painting and compositing for pilot development.

2003-2007 Moneyshots Post, Los Angeles CA, Combustion
Compositing, Paint and Rotoscope on projects including:
Film, Get Smart and Get Smart II
Film, Get Bruce and Lloyd
Commercial series, VISA
Film, Idlewild
Commercial series, PBS Theatre
Music Video, Justin Timberlake, My Love
Music Video, Jay Z 
Laurie Turner music video and Will Smiths, Party Starter. Combustion

2004 – Film, Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow, Paint Artist, Rotoscope. EngineRoom FX, Los Angeles CA. Combustion
2004 – Black Eyed Peas, Music Video: Lets Get it Started, Paint Artist, Rotoscope. Base 2, Los Angeles CA, Combustion

2002 -2004 X1FX, Los Angeles CA, Compositor, Paint Artist, Rotoscope. on projects including;

2004- FIlm, Oscar Spiderman II, Paint Artist, Stan Winston, Los Angeles, CA

2002 -2004 X1FX , Los Angeles, Combustion
Compositing and rotoscope on projects including;
Film, Manchurian Candidate
Film, Van Helsing
Commercial campaign, Knights, Cyborg and Sea Raiders, NASCAR

2002-2004 E=MC2, Los Angeles CA, Multimedia effects artist for television Series:
Alias, CSI Vegas, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Twilight Zone, Hidden Hills, Astronauts
2003 – Commercial Olympic Cameras Creo/Post Logic, Los Angeles CA, Paint and rotoscope for Olympic Cameras campaign.
Combustion, Director, Illustrator, Photoshop
2003 – Reboc, Sealevel, Los Angeles CA, Rotoscope for Reboc commercial campaign. Combustion
2002 – Smalleville television series, Entity FX,Los Angeles CA
Rotoscope and paint. Combustion

1998-1999 Commercials Euro RSCG Tatham, Chicago,
Motion graphics and art direction for commercials and interactive media campaigns, international department. Adobe After Effects

Please inquire directly regarding any specific skill set.