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2009 Reel


2009 Reel breakdown:

1)  Element design and matte painting creation, displacement maps. Compositing of water elements, lighting, flickering reflections/refractions.
2)  Element design, creation and integration of displacement maps. Compositing water elements, lighting, reflections/refractions.
3)  Lightening strike matte painting, tracking, lighting, monitor integration.
4)  Slave camp. Integration of background elements, tracking, rotoscoping, paint, color correction, grain.
5)  Matte creation for background effect.
6)  Matte creation for transition effect.
7)  Occlusion matte for arms.
8)  Painted melting tattoo bird effect and matte creation.
9)  Platform and marker removal for centaurs. Ground replacement.
10) Mountain occlusion mask.
11) Paint and matte work for horse line.
12) Centaur leg creation and compositing behind rhino.
13) Painted birds coming into the window.
14) Individual platform removal for all animal placement.
15) Compositing CG Chipmonks.
16) Compositing CG Chipmonks.
17) Compositing CG Chipmonks.
18) Compositing CG Chipmonks.
19) Roto for crowd removal.
20) Removal of backpack under jacket and parachute, recreation of face, both male and female characters, body recreation.
21) Complete facial reconstruction on female character for wire removal.
22) Matte creation for characters hanging on Spidermans web.
23) Matte creation for full back ground removal.

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